Sunday, June 28

Super Easy DIY Hair Treatment!

Hello Everyone!

I'm Georgia and I'm going to be writing today's post.

You may or may not already know that Taylor and I have decided to write a guest post on each others blog. Taylor is showing my followers a fabulous face mask and I'm going to show you lovely lot a hair mask that I have found really improves the condition and growing pattern of hair.

I hope this is something you're all interested to read about and don't mind a change of blogger for today : )

So, I first found this hair mask on Pinterest.
 I have been training to be a hairdresser for the past 3 years, I noticed that the ingredients used in this mask are well known for their moisturizing properties. I use this mask all the time and it just helps to keep my hair feeling and looking soft.

So to make this treatment you will need approximately equal parts of...

 ♥ Coconut Oil
 ♥ Conditioner (optional)

And that is it! You don't even need to use all 3 ingredients, you could just make for example a 'coconut oil hair mask' or a 'Honey hair treatment
I just like to use all 3 because they work well together : )

You could store it in a mason jar like this or just make enough and use it straight away.

All you need to do is melt the coconut oil so it's smooth (mine was already melted since we've had such good weather lately) mix the honey and coconut oil together and add your favourite conditioner and give it all a good stir.

It's best to apply this mask to wet hair, the treatment will work better if you use warm water to dampen your hair because this will open your hair cuticle. For a deep conditioning treatment, just pop the mixture in the micowave for 30-40 seconds. When the mask is warm, it will act as a hot oil treatment.

I always leave this mask on for at least 30 minutes but I know some people leave this on their hair overnight. When your hair is done soaking up the goodness, you just need to wash it as usual- shampoo and condition. Be sure to remove all the mask so your hair doesn't stay greasy.

This mask never fails to moisturize my hair making it look and feel stronger which in turn leads to healthy long hair! It's also great is you suffer with dandruff because the coconut oil moisturises the scalp.

This is also a fabulous mask for blondes because honey naturally contains a small amount of hydrogen peroxide (which when on the hair, acts as a lightening chemical
so this mask can keep your blonde/ ombre looking clean and bright!

I'd love to hear in the comments if you have tried this mask before or if you know of any other good hair treatments!

If you'd like make your skin pretty along with your now super shiny hair, go ahead and read Taylors DIY face masks post, she's over on my blog- 

I'd just like to say thank you so much to everyone for reading and I hope you found this interesting and maybe even useful : )

Also thank you very much to Taylor for having me over to write this little post!


  1. Great post Georgia! I can not wait to try the hair mask!! Thank you for guest blogging! :)

    1. Glad you like it Taylor! Thank you for guest blogging for me too, it's been so much fun :D